Tekeze Dam Resumes Power Generation

ADDIS ABABA – Tekeze hydroelectric dam has resumed generating electricity on Wednesday after months of inactivity, according to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

Located in the northern Ethiopia on the Tekezé River, the dam powers most of the northern part of the country that are connected to the national grid.

Its operations has, however, been halted when the conflict in the northern region between forces of the former ruling party of Tigray, TPLF, and the federal government began in November, last year.

EEP officials  said  the dam stopped generating electricity after the electric line that connects it with the national power grid destroyed during the conflict.

“It has now resumed generating electricity as of 1:17pm today after the damaged electric line that links it with  the national grid in Mekelle was repaired,” the firms said.

In November, officials of the defunct TPLF party said the dam had been hit by federal army’s air strikes and knocking off power to the region – a claim both the government and the EEP refuted.

The Tekeze Dam, one of Africa’s longest and largest arch dams, is more than 180 meters tall and has a capacity of 300 MW.