U.S. to provide $52mln Support for Humanitarian Response in Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – The United States said on Thursday it is providing an additional nearly $52 million in assistance to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

The United States has provided a total of nearly $153 million in humanitarian assistance since the crisis began, with its aid agency claiming to have reached over a million people with aid in Tigray since December, 2020.

The latest funding targets to enable international humanitarian agencies to help an estimated 4.5 million people in need in Tigray and nearly 62,000 refugees who have fled to Sudan, according to U.S. department of state.

“We welcome the contributions of other donors toward this crisis response and urge still others to generously support the immediate humanitarian needs created by the crisis in the Tigray region,” said Antony Blinken  United States Secretary of state.

The support will allow aid agencies partnered with the United States to provide lifesaving protection, shelter, essential health care, emergency food aid, water, sanitation, and hygiene services.

The funding “will also help our partners re-establish contact between family members who have been separated due to the conflict”, said the Department.

U.S. has already deployed its aid Agency for International Development’s Disaster Assistance Response Team in support of U.S. humanitarian response efforts in the northern region of Ethiopia.