Police Capture 4, 320kg of Cannabis Heading to Moyale

ADDIS ABEBA – Ministry of Revenues said Friday Customs Police have captured more than 4, 320 kilograms of drugs heading to Ethiopia’s southern border town of Moyale.

On Friday morning, customs officers examined an Isuzu fsr truck with a plate number A23878 while heading from Dilla town to Moyale, a border town between Ethiopia and Kenya.

Customs police found 4, 320 kilograms of drugs and put it under custody, said Ministry of revenue in a statement.

They, however, does not mention if arrests were made in relation to the drug which authorities said is worth 17mln birr.

Both growing and transporting cannabis is illegal in Ethiopia. But a significant amount of illegal drugs have been seized while either coming into or leaving the country over the past seven months of the current 2020/21 Fiscal year.

During the period, Police intercepted more than 39.8mln br worth drugs being smuggled into the country.
They also said drugs worth 208mln birr were captured while transported out of the country.

Cannabis among the list illegal drugs in Ethiopia along with cocaine and various tobacco products.