Sidama Regional State Officially Inaugurated

ADDIS ABEBA – The official inauguration ceremony of Sidama Regional State was held on Monday in Hawasa city in the presence of thousands of people, government officials and diplomats of various countries.

Sidama, which was part of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR) with Zonal Administration level, has become Ethiopia’s 10th regional state in a referendum conducted on November, 2019.

Tens of thousands of people gathered to celebrate the official inauguration of the region with various activities.

Hawassa City Deputy Mayor, Tsegaye Tuke on the occasion commended the current federal government for its decision to provide a lasting solution to the long time quest for statehood.

Granting recognition to the desires of the people of Sidama manifests the fact that the nation has been implementing a real federal system and the constitution, he added.

The official inauguration was attended by delegations from various regional states, City Administrations of Addis Abeba and Dire Dawa as well as ambassadors of Iran, Slovakya, Siri Lanka, Czeck Republic, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Bangladish, according to state-rune news agency ENA.

During the occasion, governors other Ethiopian regions pledged to provide financial assist to Sidama while speaker of the House of Federation, Adem Farah, said support would provided to enable people govern themselves.

– Agencies