Regional Leaders to Support Rebuilding Efforts in Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed and the regional presidents and city administrators launched a solidarity initiative for the Tigray Regional Provisional Administration and the people of the region.

“The solidarity initiative aims at mobilizing the contribution of regions and federal institutions as well as other stakeholders in supporting humanitarian efforts underway,” the PM office said after the meeting late Thursday.

“In addition to food and non-food items to be directed to the people of Tigray by way of the Provisional Administration, the regional Presidents also pledged direct support to strengthen the Provisional Administration carry out it public service delivery duties,” it added.

Vehicles, various equipment, input seeds for farmers, ambulances, medicine and monetary support have been pledged by each region during the online meeting.

They will be handed over to the Provisional Administration within the coming days, according to the PM office.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Abiy further called upon all sections of society to make whatever contributions they can towards the Rebuild Tigray solidarity initiative.