Five in Gen. Wedi Necho et al Case to be tried in Military Court

ADDIS ABABA – The cases five of the seven military officials accused of disrupting the federal army’s communication system have been transferred to the Military Court, police said.

Police made the announcement during Thursday’s session of the Federal First Instance Arada Court Criminal Bench, which has been hearing their cases since their arrest.

Brig. Gen. Gebrehiwot Sinos, Brig. Gen. Ensu Ajajo, Brig. Gen. Fisiha Gebreslassie, Col. Desalegn Abebe and Col. Eyasu Negash are among military officials whose cases have shifted to the Military Court.

The five suspects, therefore, did not appear during the session on Thursday morning.

Police’s request

The Federal First Instance has, however, continued to look into the cases of the remaining two suspects – Gen Gebremedhin Fikadu, also known as Wedi Necho and Brig. Gen. Yirgaw Gebremedhin.

The suspects have been charged for allegedly conspiring with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces which carried out an attack on the army base in Tigray Region on Nov 4.

They were arrested on Nov. 10 on suspicion of disrupting communications systems, exposing federal troops in Tigray for deadly attack, among others.

During Thursday’s court session, Police said they have not finished their investigation but found more evidence regarding their involvement disrupting the system.

Their team managed to get evidence, including 20 witnesses, confirming that the suspects set up a committee to find out ways of disrupting the federal army’s communication system before their eventual action, according to the police.

The police asked the court to grant them additional days for investigation.

Bail Plea rejected  

The two suspects denied carrying out the alleged crimes and opposed the latest request of more days for investigation.

Police are giving various pretexts to ask for more days, said lawyers of the suspect, who said granting them their requests would not be fair given that they spent more than 100 days in prison.

The lawyers have asked the court to release their clients on bail and allow them to follow their cases from outside.

Police, however, argued that the bail application should not be granted saying their release would compromise their ongoing investigation.

After hearing the two sides, the judge, who presided over the Federal First Instance Arada Court Criminal Bench, denied the bail request while granting police 10 more days for investigation.

By Mhret G/kristos

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