Two Top TPLF Military Officers Surrender

ADDIS ABEBA – Two top military officers of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front have surrendered to the Ethiopian national defence force (Endf), government announced today.

The Endf named the officers as retired Maj. Gen. Mohamed Esha and Brigadier General Mulugeta Berhe, former members of the national defense forces.

The two officers were engaged in training and leading the TPLF militia, said Maj. Gen Mohammed Tessema, Endf’s Indoctrination Director-General.

They “have surrendered peacefully,” Maj. Gen Mohammed added.

The two military officers were also the ringleaders of the attack that the TPLF forces had committed against the north command of the national defence force in early hours of Nov. 04 – which prompted the federal government to carry out the law enforcement operation in Tigray.