Abandoned Bomb Explodes in Addis Abeba Killing 3, Injuring 5 Others

ADDIS ABEBA – Three people have died and five more injured after an abandoned bomb exploded in Lideta Sub-city of the capital, Addis Abeba Police Commission said on Sunday.

Police said the explosion occurred in Lideta sub-city where the bomb recklessly was left in an open area cleared for redevelopment purposes.

An investigation into the latest explosion is ongoing and the public will be informed once its completed, the Addis Abeba Police Commission added.

Residents have consistently been urged to be vigilant of similar danger while security officials launched a month-long search for illegal arms in the city to avert similar incidents involving individuals linked with TPLF forces.

So far, Police have manged to seize a lot of abandoned arms including 25 hand grenades, 5 bombs, and 11 AKA with bullets, in Addis Abeba with the help of tips received from the public.

The commission said on Tuesday the search operation have resulted in the capture of 60 grenades, one anti-vehicle bomb, 2, 772 various illegal weapons and 80, 241 bullets, military communication equipments, among others. At least 1000 suspects have also been arrested.

Previous incidents

November 11:  Police said an explosive device recklessly left under a bridge in Addis Abeba exploded and a man sustained minor injury.

November 14: Police said an explosive device exploded in an area called Captain Demssie area of Yeke sub-city injuring four children. The children found a deserted device near their playground. Police said the device exploded while they were fighting to get its ownership.

December 2: An explosive device – found by a metal scrap collector in a pair of shoes in Gorgorios square of Bole area- exploded and one man sustained a minor injury.

December 2:  Police managed to defuse another abandoned explosive device found in an area called Gurd Sholla St Yared Hospital.

December 20: Three people died and five more injured after an abandoned bomb exploded in Lideta Sub-city of Addis Abeba.

Featured Image: The latest incident occurred in Lideta sub-city on Sunday [Photo AA Police Commission]