Talks to Bring Back 183 Trucks Stuck in Djibouti Begins

ADDIS ABEBA – Authorities have started talks with Djiboutian government to bring back at least Trans Ethiopia’s 180 trucks stuck in the neighboring nation.

Trans Ethiopia, a dominant firm in providing dry and liquid cargo transportation service in the country, is one of the 34 subsidiaries of the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray, which is administered by the leaders of TPLF.

Authorities accuse these companies including Trans of allegedly “participating in financing ethnic-based violence, acts of terrorism, connection with the TPLF, which seeks to overthrow the constitutional order”.

That has prompted for the Federal Attorney General’s office to freeze company’s bank account.

Since then, the Office find out that about 179 trucks, as well as four fuel, are stuck in neighboring Djibouti, the main gate way of Ethiopia’s import and export trade.

“The trucks should be back and resume giving services to the public,” said the AJ office in a statement.

The office, together with Ethiopian envoy in Djibouti, has initiated talks with officials of the neighboring nations on Friday.

The response from the initial talks has been very fruitful, said the AG office said. The AJ’s statement does not mention since when these trucks stopped in Djibouti.

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