Gov’t Forms Council of Economic Advisors, Reveals Members’ Names

ADDIS ABEBA – The Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia has announced the formation of an independent National Council of Economic Council composed of 16 members.

The announcement came almost a year after government’s decision to set up autonomous advisory body.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office said the Council would ensure the continuity of the existing economic reform and improve transparency of economic policy in Ethiopia.

The establishment of the council would be crucial to promote inclusive economic development policy, comprehend complicated social problems and scrutinize policy alternatives accordingly, according to the PM Office.

Seasoned and qualified professional Ethiopians and Ethiopian origin have become a member of the council after the government screened out 290 candidates in three phases.

The Prime Minister Office said the autonomous body has 16 members who have already expressed their interests to work for the council.

The members include, Professor Alemayehu Geda, Professor Birhanu Abegaz, Professor Gabissa Ejeta, Professor Melaku Desta, Professor Seid Hassen, Tadelle Ferede, Professor Tasew Woldehana, Alemayehu Seyoum, Alula Pankhurst, Dimma Negewo, Eleni Gebremedihin, Professor Lemma Woldesenbet, Rahel Kassahun, Segenet Kelemu, Yonas Birru and Hilawe Tsdesse.

Some of the members have already expressed their delight to be a member of the National Independent Economic Council.

“I am honored to serve my country and the people of Ethiopia in this capacity as a member of the newly appointed Independent National Council of Economic Advisors,” said Dr. Eleni Zaude after the announcement of the list.

“Since 2004, when I first moved to Ethiopia to set up a policy think tank unit for the purpose of promoting evidence-based policy making by the government,” she said, “I have long advocated for the establishment of such an independent, non-partisan, non-affiliated, and purely professional advisory council”.

“The key word here is independent,” said Dr. Eleni who previously served as Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX),.

“There are significant, if not the most stark, economic challenges facing Ethiopia today, more than ever in the history of the past three decades,” she said.

“I hope to contribute what I can and to do my part to the best of my ability in addressing these, as always, for the people of our beloved Ethiopia,” Dr. Eleni said.

Featured Image: Dr. Eleni, one of the 16 members of the council, says independency is key [Photo File]