PM Meets ENDF Commanders in Mekelle as Interim Admin Begins Work

ADDIS ABEBA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Mekelle as the Cabinet of the Interim Administration in the Tigray started work officially on Sunday.

Abiy conferred with both members of Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and the cabinet in the city where he appreciated the federal army’s role in the law enforcement operation.

He also said works to deliver support to the residents of the region and restoring telecom services would continue together with the hunt for TPLF leaders.

“Telecom and electricity currently being restored after repairs; infrastructure works underway and humanitarian relief provided,” he said. “We will continue apprehending the criminal clique”.

Electricity has been restored in the region on the day the PM visited the regional capital while residents of Mekelle as well as Michew cities have begun using mobile voice service on Saturday.

CEO of the Interim Administration, Mulu Nega, has also announced activities to reopen public services as of Monday.

‘Advise for public servants’

Mulu said the administration is diligently working to reopen public services, ensure the safety of the people and enable them to resume their day to day activities.

Civil servants whose normal activities had been disrupted due to the belligerent activities of the TPLF junta will resume work as of Monday, Mulu said.

“Government employees are not instruments of political agendas. They are servants of the public,” he said, advising them to appear in their respective job on the date.

Those who failed to appear in their respective offices on the day will be considered as employees that have resigned, he said.

Most cities in Tigray, including the regional capital Mekelle, are now peaceful. The administration said that has created conducive environment for private business entities to resume their services as of Monday.

Consultations are underway with pertinent actors on how all government offices and business firms could resume their activities, the CEO said.