Sudanese Army Arrests TPLF Militia Leader

ADDIS ABEBA – The Sudanese army arrested a senior militia leader fighting along with Tigray People’s Liberation Front inside the Sudanese borders with a huge amount of money and gold, according to a media report.

The Sudan Tribune, quoting reliable Sudnese security sources, reported today that the military intelligence had spotted the militia commander, accompanied by dozens of soldiers and his personal protection team, along with his family in the Allaw border area in Al-Fashaqa locality.

The arrested group is suspected of being involved in attacks in the Greater Al-Fashaqa area, according to the report, which did not give name of the leader.

“The militia leader owned about five thousand acres of agricultural land in the Al-Allaw area for decades. He used to cultivate it and sell its products to the western Tigray region,” the military sources ST.

The report further said that the Sudanese forces found in his possession about 5 billion pounds (about 90mln USD), large quantities of gold, furniture and two luxury cars, according to Sudan Tribune.

The Sudanese authorities pledged to cooperate with Addis Abeba to prevent the TPLF forces from hiding in Sudan, where at least 40, 000 Ethiopians took refuge since the start of the law enforcement operation against TPLF forces on November 4, 2020.

Last Saturdat, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the conclusion of the military operation after federal troops had taken control of the TPLF forces’ strong hold and regional capital, Mekelle city, allaying fears of protracted fighting in the city of 500,000 people.

He said federal police would try to arrest TPLF criminals and bring them to court. His announcement came few hours after the Federal Police issued arrest warrants for 17 military officers on charges of treason and embezzlement of public properties. Arrest warrants already exist for 117 other senior officers with alleged ties to the TPLF.

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