Demeke, Ugandan President Hold Talks Over Security Issues

ADDIS ABEBA – An Ethiopian delegation led by the deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen has met Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, on Monday.

Demeke’s visit to Uganda is a part his tour across six African countries to brief their leaders about the objectives of government’s operation  to enforce rule of law in the northern Ethiopia, according to government.

Monday’s meeting between foreign minister Demeke and President Museveni held a day after the Ethiopia dismissed reports that say the Ugandan leader would be mediating between it and the TPLF.

After the meeting, president Museveni said:

“Our discussion focused on the peace and security issues affecting Ethiopia currently. Being one of the oldest countries that was not colonised in Africa, Ethiopia is the pride of the continent.

“A war in Ethiopia would give the entire continent a bad image. Africa’s problem is that we never discuss ideology, focusing so much on diplomacy.

I totally disagree with politics that focuses on ethnic federalism. We must emphasise the issue of oneness and common interests because it is the only way we can prosper”.