Rockets Fired by TPLF Forces Hit Eritrea’s Capital

ADDIS ABEBA –  Forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have fired rockets across the border into neighboring Eritrea on Saturday, according to media reports.

Residents of Asmara – Eritrea’s capital – reported hearing loud explosions, amid reports of rockets landing near the city’s airport, according to the BBC. No casualties have been reported yet.



The TPLF forces accused Eritrean forces of backing the federal forces there.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared to deny that federal forces were working with Eritreans on Sunday, saying that his country was “more than capable of attaining the objectives of the operation by itself”.

US condemns the attack

On Sunday, Tibor Nagy, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, denounced the rocket attacks by TPLF forces on Eritrea.

“The United States strongly condemns the TPLF’s unjustifiable attacks against Eritrea on November 14 and its efforts to internationalize the conflict in Tigray,” Tibor Nagy tweeted on Sunday.

“We continue to urge immediate action to protect civilians, deescalate tensions, and restore peace,” the U.S. top diplomat for Africa added.

Similar attacks on Cities

The rocket attack on Asmara came a day after two similar attacks on two Ethiopian cities – Bahir Dar and Gondar cities. Apart from some areas of an airport have sustained damages, the government reported no major casualties.

“The TPLF junta is repairing and utilizing the last of the weaponry within its arsenals. This is indicative of TPLF’s last resort attempts to maintain control,” government’s statement indicated.

The Federal army has already taken control of Western and other parts of the region following a ten day long military operations..

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered the military operation against the TPLF after its fighters had crossed “the last red line” and attacked a military camp hosting federal troops on 4 November, calling the action “treasonous”.

The central government accused TPLF of carrying out the mass killings. State-financed human rights commission of Ethiopia has already sent a team to investigate the human rights violations in Ethiopia’s northern region.