Agency Receives offers for Three Separate Wheat Tenders

ADDIS ABEBA – A government procurement agency has received offers for three separate tenders to buy 680,000 metric ton (mt) wheat, its official told The Monitor.

Offers for the two tenders are under assessment for their technical aspects while the remaining one is already approved. No purchase has yet been made, the agency said.

Public Procurement & Property Disposal Service (PPPDS) said it floated the tenders at the request of the Ministry of Finance based on the need for the current year.

On Oct. 3, the agency received offers from seven trading houses in a tender to buy 400, 000mt.

The milling wheat will be bought for Ethiopia Trading Business Corporation, said Worku Gezahgn, acting Procurement Directorate director at PPPDS.

The technical aspects of their offers are still being assessed by the agency’s committee.

“We will soon finish this process and go to the next step which will look into their financial offer,” he said.

The tender to buy the 200, 000mt is also at the same stage in the procurement process, and attracted four bidders, according to Worku.

He said the agency is buying the 200, 000mt wheat for Disaster and Risk Management Commission which will deliver it to the ministry of agriculture’s safety net program.

The government has already allocated budget to cover the cost of the 200, 000mt and 400, 000mt milling wheat.

The cost of remaining tender involving 80, 000mt will be carried out with the financial support of the World Bank. This tender too has received offers from four trading houses.

“In this case, both, financial and technical assessment has been made and its result is in the hands of procurement committee,” he said. As soon as the World Bank’s approval secured, the agency will make the purchase.

Ethiopia is still struggling with the impact of flooding and locusts which have devastated farms in some regions.

By Mhret G/kristos

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