Ethiopia to Airlift 1, 380 Nationals from Yemen, Lebanon

  • Annual Diplomats Conference to Begin Next Week

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia will soon airlift 1380 Ethiopians from Yemen and Lebanon, its foreign minister said on Friday.

Officials are currently engaged in the process of verification and documentation of 1, 200 Ethiopians in a war-torn Yemen.

The remaining 180 Ethiopians are from Beirut, Ministry’s spokesperson Dina Mufti has told reporters during his regular press briefing on Friday.

Many Ethiopians travel to the Middle East via Yemen in search of a better life – with their destination being Saudi Arabia.

These migrants were highly vulnerable to human trafficking on their journey and often exploited by their employers when they arrived.

Ambassador Dina said, apart from repatriating those caught in the Yemen war, the ministry is working with the government of Saudi Arabia to ease challenges Ethiopians face.

“We have very good cooperation with the Saudi government in this aspect,” said Dina.

Ambassadors’ annual meeting

In similar briefing, Dina said the Ministry has finalized to hold its annual meeting of Ethiopian envoys in Bishoftu Town next week.

Ambassadors, consuls and director generals of the ministry who are assigned to various countries representing Ethiopia will take part, he said.

Ministry’s annual event will be held, under a theme of  Diplomatic Mission for Sustainable Peace, National Prosperity, and Common Benefit, for two weeks as of August 24/2020 in Bishoftu city.

Ethiopia has over 45 embassies and 52 consulates around the world representing the east African nation and its citizen’s interest abroad.

The meeting will review the performance of overseas missions and map out the upcoming five-year direction for future diplomatic missions after a detailed discussion on main activities carried out by the Ministry in the budget year.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is expected to provide guidelines and directives for further action at the end of filed visits at Adama City and the Entoto Mountains, the spokesperson said.

By Sisay Sahlu


Featured Image: The ministry recently repatriated hundreds of Ethiopians from Lebanon [Photo File]