Police Intercepts $449,700 Currency being smuggled out of Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Police has intercepted close to a million US dollars while being smuggled out of the country, revealed the Minister of Revenue on Thursday.

Three suspects who tried to smuggle $ 449,700 out of the country via Humera town, were also arrested.

The ministry said the suspects were arrested together with currency worth a total of 17.8 million birr in a mission customs police conducted on August 18, 2020.

The suspects were trying to smuggle the foreign currency through bushes located nearby Legudi control station, the ministry said.

Humera Custom police, members of the Defense Forces and Federal Police played took part in a mission that saw the suspects apprehended, officials said.

The currency has already been deposited in the account of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Ministry of Revenue and the Customs Commission call on the public to continue their cooperation with the regulatory bodies to prevent the looting of the country’s resources at a time when foreign exchange is affecting country’s effort to response Coronavirus pandemics.

By Mhret G/kristos

Image caption: Three suspects have already been arrested in the mission [Photo File]