Road Traffic Accident fatality Declines By 17%

ADDIS ABABA – Road traffic accident fatality rate has declined by 17.7% in the just concluded Ethiopian fiscal year, the Ministry of Transport said.

This was revealed during a tree-planting campaign held on Saturday in memory of victims of road traffic accidents.

The number of fatalities decreased to 3, 400 in the reported period from 4, 597 the previous year, said Dagmawit Moges, Minister of Transport, while speaking at the campaign which is part of the Green Legacy initiative.

“The decrease in this year’s fatality rate by 17.7% less than last year is a glimpse of hope for us to further reduce it ahead,” Dagmawit said.

The decrease in deaths is attributed to the road safety awareness-raising campaign carried out at the national level, she said.

At the end of the tree planting campaign, workers of the ministry including Dagmawit (pictured above) donated blood to help save the lives of Road Traffic Accident victims.