Record One-Day Leap Takes Ethiopia’s Coronavirus Tally to 352

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia has reported 35 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total count to 352.

Only 1775 people have been tested for the COVID-19, a disease caused by coronavirus, over the past twenty-four hours.

“Of these, thirty–five of them are confirmed positive for the virus,” said the ministry of Health in its daily report.

The latest number registered as a record one-day increase in Ethiopia to date. The country previously recorded 29 cases on May 7.

All thirty-five cases are Ethiopians – seventeen male and 18 female. The ministry’s report claims the patients are in the age range between 15 to 80 years.

Cases Spike in Addis 

The majority of Monday’s new cases (29) are residents of Addis Ababa, the epicenter of the virus in Ethiopia.

Twenty-three residents of the capital contracted the virus from the previously confirmed cases, according to the ministry.

The others are five patients who have no contact with previously confirmed cases and no travel history as well as a truck driver with travel history.

Many of today’s cases are directly linked with 75 years old woman who died due to the virus on May 5, 2020.

Following the death report, health authorities put twenty-five individuals who had close contact with her in close follow up.

Of these, five individuals tested positive for the virus, the ministry reported on May 9.

Today, twenty-two cases have been identified from 94 individuals that were in close follow up for having close contact with the five cases identified on May 9, according to the ministry.

Emerging epicenter

The second big number of cases recorded today is from Somali regional state.

Four patients have been identified from the region’s Jigjiga quarantine center, according to the ministry of health.

Oromia and Amhara regional states have also reported one each.

The case in Oromia region is described by the ministry as a truck driver with travel history.

Ataye quarantine center in the North Shoa zone of Amhara region has also reported one case. The patient has contact with a previously confirmed case, said the ministry.

– Worrying trend –

The number of cases spiking in the country with up to 158 cases recorded over the past ten days. It took 25 days for the 50th case to register on April 7.

Worried by the increase, authorities are urging the public to adhere to precautionary measures to keep themselves safe.

“We need to be reminded that every single action we take determines the risk of getting the virus,” said Dr. Lia Tadesse, Ethiopia’s Minister of Health.

Frequent hand washing, wearing face masks when in public, maintaining physical distance, staying at home and avoiding public gatherings are the main pieces of advice given by the health experts to the public.

Total tests since index case stands at 59,029.