Ethiopian Diaspora Makes 100mln Br Support for Nation’s COVID-19 Response

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s national COVID–19 response body has collected more than 100 million birr contribution in cash and non-monetary from country’s diaspora and Ethiopians living abroad.

To date, Ethiopia confirmed 162 cases of COVID-19, a respiratory disease caused by the deadly coronavirus, and increasing. The government has formed a national COVID-19 committee to spearhead country’s response and build capacity that could deal with the virus fallout.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, in addition to the 44. 8mln Birr donation, Ethiopian Diaspora made in-kind donations estimated 31.4mln Birr.

Foreign-based organizations and individuals sympathetic to the Ethiopian cause in fighting COVID-19 also donated over 23.2mln Birr, said the ministry.

The Ministry’s employees deployed in various missions abroad and here chipped in 4.4 million birr to support Ethiopia’s COVID-19 response.

Of the total donation, about 10 million birr will be allocated to support Ethiopians residing in various African and the Middle Eastern countries that are affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to reports.

Image: Foreign minister Gedu Andargachew (L) handed over a 4.4 million birr check to Birtukan Ayano, head of National COVID–19 resource mobilization sub-committee in an event held on Tuesday night [Photo MoFA].