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Ministry says Ethiopia Ready to Launch E- Transaction

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia is technologically well equipped to launch Electronic Transaction, said Innovation and Technology Ministry, during a discussion with lawmakers on the Electronic-transaction bill.

The draft proclamation was a subject of a meeting held by the human resource and technology standing committee of parliament on Wednesday.

Officials see the bill as a key facilitator to the establishment of a clear legal foundation for government and private institutions to offer digital services including the provision of e-commerce and e-government services.

Dr. Abrham Belay, Minister of Innovation and Technology, said the country is now ready to transact goods or services using mobile cell phones and related technological devices.

There are over 45.6 million mobile subscribers in Ethiopia where there are 22.7 million internet users while smartphone ownership reaches 12 million, according to government reports.

Although the level of technological development here can not be said well developed, he said: “it is good enough to begin the e-transaction”.

The bill would also bring “best solution that enables individuals to access digital services from anywhere using their mobile phones avoiding physical contacts,” Dr. Abrham added.

The ministry also claims the draft proclamation “is a supportive legal instrument for the existing trade and service laws”.

After deliberating on the bill, the standing committee advised the ministry to incorporate provisions on accessibility and language issues so as to make the transaction technology operational soon, and bring back the bill to the committee within a week.