‘Over 990 People under follow up for COVID-19’

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian health authorities said they have placed 992 individuals who had contact with the first coronavirus patients under strict follow up.

Ethiopia reported its first case of coronavirus (COVID-19) last Friday. Since then, the number has increased to five.

The five confirmed cases follow medical treatment in Kotebe isolation center, and “they are in a good health condition”, said Dr. Ebba Abate, general-director of Ethiopian Public Health Institute, during a press briefing on Tuesday.

The Institute also said at least 992 people “who have had close contact with the five confirmed cases have been place under follow up for fourteen days”.

As of Jan 24, about 113 individuals were made to stay at the isolation center.

“So far, 74 of the laboratory tests came out negative and the individuals have since joined the community,” it says.

“In addition to the five confirmed cases, there are 34 individuals in the isolation center awaiting their laboratory results,” officials of the Institute revealed.

– Efforts to contain the virus –

There are now more than 400 known cases of coronavirus across Africa, with nations imposing a range of measures to try to prevent the spread.

On Monday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed decided to suspend schools, sporting events and large gatherings for at least fifteen days.

However, students in universities and other higher education institutions will stay indoors while receiving necessary monitoring and care at their respective campuses.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education is currently working on e-learning options that will allow students to receive course content online.

PM Abiy stated that, if necessary, small meetings should be held with the support, recognition and monitoring of the government.

Health officials and experts urge the public to focus on keeping personal hygiene as first and major line of defense against the virus while the government continues check-ups at the entry points.

Over 600,000 people have passed through all entry of the country and 8,985 of them are from countries that reported COVID–19.

Coronavirus has so far sickened over 184,000 people and left more than 7, 000 dead worldwide. Nearly 80,000 people have recovered from the virus.

– Precaution –

If you have arrived from COVID-19 (Corona Virus disease) affected countries:

• Avoid close contact with other people as you proceed to your home and stay in isolation from family members or friends for 14 days

• Please provide the right information about your health situation to follow up teams who call you daily for 14 days

• If you experience fever, cough and shortness of breath, call 8335 immediately for medical help.