Ethiopia: What You Need to Know about Coronavirus Today

ADDIS ABEBA – The Ethiopian government steps up its preparation for a possible coronavirus outbreak as well as its efforts to prevent the virus from entering the country, according to health officials. 

The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) said today there is no confirmed case in the country. As per EPHI, below are the outcomes of government’s preventive measures against COVID-19.

– Since the start of the screening process, 521,795 passengers have passed through all the points of entry to the country.

– Of these, 299,997 people have passed through the seven screening gates at Bole International Airport and, out of these, 7,113 are from countries that reported confirmed COVID-19 cases.

– Passengers who come from countries that reported COVID-19 cases have filled health report forms and were under follow up for 14 days. Over 1,200 have completed their follow up while 974 are currently under follow up.

– As of Jan, 24, 54 individuals were made to stay at the isolation center. The laboratory tests for the 49 individuals were negative and, thus, have joined the community.

– Currently, there are five individuals in the centers expecting the laboratory result.

– About 45% of the samples which were tested for COVID-19 at Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s laboratory were sent to South Africa for quality assurance test. The results turned out to be the same, all are negative, according to the Institute.

– EPHI’S Precaution  –

If anyone has come from Corona Virus disease (COVID-19) affected countries, you must avoid close contact with other people as you proceed to your home and stay in isolation from family members or friends for 14 days.

You have to also provide the right information about your health situation for follow up teams who call you daily for 14 days.

If you experience fever, cough and shortness of breath, call 8335 immediately for medical help.