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Ride Adds New Tech to Protect Drivers & Their Cars

ADDIS ABEBA – Hybrids Designs PLC, which runs a taxi booking and hailing service the Ride, said on Wednesday that it will introduce a security alerting platform in a bid to tackle car robbery.

The newly designed integrated platform dubbed Duka is manufactured and supplied by Horizon Express. It will be installed on 10, 000 ride service providing cars as of next week.

The tech, with a panic button linked to Ride Call Center via GPS, will show light and uninterrupted sound for the nearby public and ride chauffeurs when there is an active robbery or possible threats to the driver occurs.

CEO of Hybrids Designs Plc, Samrawit Fikru said the system is designed to tackle possible dangers that drivers and their clients face at any time.

Recently, the company has been receiving various complaints of robberies and life-threatening risks against the drivers. Samrawit said the latest tech would be key to “render our service day and night to our customers” with confidence.

Once the system is installed into a vehicle, the owner of the car can track their property’s whereabouts, she said.

Samrawit said the system and the GPS tracker can easily either be connected or disconnected from any vehicle with the knowledge of the owner.

But if somebody, without the knowledge of the owner, tries to detach it, the system will not allow the engine to work, she said.

“That will help the police to track the car easily,” Samrawit added.

Car owners will have to pay 650 birr to install the system, Yonas Amdetsion, Horizon Express CEO, said. The price does not include the 350 birrs monthly service fee.

By Sisay Sahlu

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