Imposter Medical Doctor Sentenced to Six-and-half-Year in Prison

ADDIS ABABA – A man accused of posing as a medical doctor in Goba referral of Hospital of Medawalabu University, has been found guilty of fraud and sentenced to six-and-half-year in prison on Wednesday.

Goba District Court has also fined the convict, identified as Abduljawad Aman and a resident of Oda Beha Kebele of Goba Town, over 2000 birr during its session today, state-run news agency reported.

He committed felony criminal mischief at the Hospital on several occasions posing as a doctor and wearing a medical doctor’s uniform, reported the agency, quoting court documents.

The man repeatedly disappeared after receiving money from patients saying he would “bring better medicines from his clinic”.

The town’s police caught him-red handed earlier last week while trying to deceive another patient who got suspicious of his behavior and tipped them.

The man had pleaded not guilty to the charge but appealed for reduced prison term saying he was a family head.

“During the arrest, the suspect was found with 18 SIM cards, two modern mobile phones and 10, 630 birr,” the judge said.

The court found him guilty after looking into the prosecutors’ evidence and sentenced him to six years and six months in prison and fined him 2,000 birr saying it will teach others to deter from engaging in similar activities.

Officials of the university said they will look into a possible gap on how medical doctors use their uniforms and badges in the hospital and take measures.

The public, on the other hand, should not pay for medicine and services without getting a receipt, advised Dr. Abubakar Mohammed, Medical Director of Goba Referral, adding they should also be vigilant when buying medicines outside the hospital using a doctor prescription.

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