Ethiopia, Morocco Discuss to Put Coop Deals actions

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian and Moroccan officials conferred on ways to translate several cooperation agreements into actions to further their bilateral economic relations.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Mesganu Arga received a Moroccan government delegation led by Fouad Yazourh, Director General of Bilateral Relations at the Foreign Ministry of the North African Nation, on Monday.

The two sides consulted on avenues to further strengthen the cooperative relations between Ethiopia and Morocco, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mofa) disclosed in a statement after the meeting.

“Specifically, they concurred on the need to review and reinforce the existing cooperation agreements in the domains of trade, investment, finance, air service, and education,” says the Ministry.

Addis Ababa and Rabat signed more than a dozen of cooperation agreements during the 2016 visit of Moroccan King Mohammed VI to Ethiopia and subsequent high-level official visits.

While Ethiopian Airlines started its freighter flight service to Casablanca just this year, most of the deals including a joint fertilizer production plant project have not yet been implemented.

During the meeting on Monday, the delegations “explored opportunities and domains where stakeholders from both countries can work to translate” the agreements into reality, reads MoFA’s statement.

They also looked into “ways for the private sector to contribute to the reinforcement of the bilateral ties”.

The discussions ended with an agreement to convene a joint Morocco-Ethiopia ministerial commission meeting in the near future, per Mofa.