Germany Pledge to Digitize Parliament Library

ADDIS ABABA – Germany has pledged to support an effort to digitalize the library of Ethiopia’s House of people’s representative.

The pledge was made during a visit by Germany parliament delegation as well as 15 business people to Ethiopia’s parliament on Friday.

The library is currently providing services to the parliament community, researchers and others manually, said Tesfaye Daba, a chairperson to foreign and peace affairs standing committee of FDRE parliament.

“The delegation has assured us of support to substantially change the existing manual library into digital on this year,” Tesfaye told reporters.

The delegation has been for three days officials visit in Ethiopia. They have observed firsthand Ethiopia’s ongoing political and economic reform, said Brita Wagner, Germany Ambassador to Ethiopia.

She said the business persons, who accompanied the parliament delegation, have been looking into Ethiopia’s business environment and possible areas to invest in.

According to the Ambassador, medium-size companies that are engaged in medicine, textile industry and technical and vocational education are among the visitors.

“Ethiopia’s parliament delegation will make similar experience sharing tour to German in the coming week,” Tesfaye said.

By Sisay Sahlu