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Kiros Girmay Releases New Single, ‘Nafkot’

Multi-talented musician Kiros Girmay has released his latest Tigrigna single, ‘Nafkot’.

Record label Muzikawi says ‘Nafkot’, first recorded live in 2021 G.C, was released on Friday.

Despite facing familial resistance to his musical pursuits, Kiros’s childhood passion for cultural dance blossomed into a remarkable career in music.

Born in 1984 G.C in Wukro, he attended his education at Kenema Primary School and Agazi Secondary School where he started to pursue his passion first.

While attending his secondary school education, Kiros honed his skills further by taking keyboard and vocal lessons at Kideste Mariam College. He then pursued extensive training in vocal and sound engineering from institutions such as the National Theatre.

Kiros’s talent was further showcased when he participated in a singing competition broadcasted on 104.4 FM radio station, securing a spot in the top ten. As a full-time musician who sings in Amharic, Somali, Konso, Afarigna, and Afaan Oromoo, Kiros has graced various stages across Ethiopia.

His latest single ‘Nafkot’, based on the traditional Guwayla rhythm of Tigray, delves into themes of homesickness and the diaspora’s yearning for home, says Muzikawi.

The production of his latest ‘Nafkot’ involved live recording, blending standard drums with the hand-played Kebero, a distinctive approach from the electronic drum sequencing producers typically use. Kiros himself showcases his talent with a melancholic, melodically deep singing style.