Lt. Gen. Tigabu Yilma, the AMISOM Force Commander, pins a medal to soldiers during a medal award ceremony for Ethiopian soldiers serving under AMISOM, to mark their tour of duty in Beletweyne, Somalia. On 31 August 2019. AMISOM Photo

AMISOM Honors Outgoing Ethiopian Troops

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia National Defense Forces troops serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have been recognized for their sacrifice, professionalism and commitment to duty.

The troops recognized during a parade at AMISOM headquarters in Beledweyne which marked the end of their yearlong tour-of-duty, Amisom said in a statement on Monday.

AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Tigabu Yilma pointed out that in Mahas, Halgan and other areas where the troops operated, terrorist groups had been pushed out through successful military operations conducted jointly with the Somali Security Forces.

“You sacrificed a lot in order to support the core values of AMISOM’s mandate to enforce peace and security. You mentored the Somalia National Army for the takeover of the security of their country in line with the Somali Transition Plan”, Lt. Gen. Yilma told the troops.

“Because of your extreme military professionalism and discipline, you achieved success by conducting various joint operations with the Somali National Army and the support of the people of Somalia,” the Lt. Gen said.

Qurat-ul-Ain Sadozai, Head of United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in Somalia, commended AMISOM troops for their hard work in clearing explosive devices on supply routes.

She also reiterated UNMAS’ continued support to AMISOM in the training, equipping and mentoring to address the problem of explosive hazard in Somalia.

“We know IEDs continue to be a concern and a major threat and will continue to support AMISOM, with contribution from UNSOS, in its endeavors,” said Sadozai.

AMISOM Sector Four Commander, Col. Mohamed Ibrahim Muse said through the support of the people of Somalia and others partners, the troops under his command had managed conduct successful operations against insurgent and terrorist elements in the region.

“Our soldiers serve with unwavering dedication despite facing a challenging environment. AMISOM troops in Hiiran area have provided commendable assistance to the mission.”