Me’akelawi to Be Open for Public Visit

ADDIS ABEBA – The former Federal Prison, commonly known as Maekelawi, will be open for a public visit starting September 6, said Attorney General Office.

The former detention center will be open for a visit in a day the country celebrates the national justice day.

“It will start on September 5 and will go on for four days,” said Zinabu Tunu, spokesperson of the Attorney general Office.

Authorities closed the notorious detention and investigation center which is located in the capital Addis Ababa.

The rights group and others have hailed the government’s decision to close it down and turn it into a modern museum.

The closure comes just days after Abiy Ahmed took over as Ethiopia’s new prime minister following the abrupt resignation of his predecessor.

It is a place where many have been tortured and suffered the abuse of for 40 years, Zinabu said.

“The exhibition will enable us to take a lesson from this history,” said Zinabu.

He also said the exhibition was organized to remember citizens who had suffered “various abuses in it”.

Decisions have already been made for the former central prison to be a museum.

The general attorney has invited all members of the society to visit the site.

By Mhirt G/Kristos