China’s Humanitarian Support to Ethiopia Increasing

ADDIS ABABA – Chinese humanitarian support to Ethiopia has been increasing since 2016, says a senior government official.

The Chinese embassy has handed over a final portion of 7.2mln USD worth of emergency food aid Beijing has been giving since 2018.

“China has been very supportive since 2016 by providing food assistance that will help support the livelihoods of the needy people,” said Mitiku Kassa, Commissioner for Disaster and Risk Management Commission.

He said the support has been increasing “year by year”.

On Friday, the Chinese government handed over 9,000 metric tons of emergency food assistance to the commission.

Chinese officials said more support will come this year following an agreement between Beijing and Addis Abeba during the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held on April 2019.

The two nations agreed that China would provide 15 million USD worth of “emergency food aid to Ethiopia for 2019,” said Tan Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Over 8.3 million Ethiopians currently are in need of food assistance and other humanitarian assistance.

By Sisay Sahlu