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Netflix Streams Film of Ethiopian Jews Escaping War

Netflix has started streaming a movie based on the true story of the rescue of Ethiopian Jews escaping civil war.

The Red Sea Diving Resort is about a fake resort in Sudan that was set up by an Israeli Mossad agent and used as a front for smuggling hundreds of Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

It is written and directed by Gideon Raff and stars renowned actor Chris Evans, from Marvel’s Captain America.

The story is based on covert Israeli military operations to rescue Ethiopian Jews in the early 1980s as they escaped famine and the brutal Marxist regime of Mengistu Hailemariam.

Evans plays the Israeli agent who ran an operation with a ragtag team of spies, using a deserted holiday retreat as a front.

The most famous real-life missions were Operation Solomon and Operation Moses, which airlifted thousands of Ethiopians to Israel via Sudan.

There are currently more than 150,000 Ethiopian Jews now living in Israel.

About 7,000 of them still remain stranded and in uncertainty in Ethiopia, waiting to reunite with their families in the Jewish state.

By Emmanuel Igunza, BBC Africa