Temesgen Confirmed as President of Amhara Region

ADDIS ABABA – Amhara Regional State Council approved the appointment of Temesgen Tiruneh as Chief Administrator of the regional state.

The council, which is dominated by Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), started its four-day long regular meeting on Monday, July 22, 2019.

Approving ADP’s nominee, Temesgen, for president was its first-day task. Temesgen, a former security adviser to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office, was sworn in as the region’s president on the first day of the council’s meeting.

In his inaugural address, Temesgen said: “We have to recover from our grief standing together against the ill intent of the failed coup plotters and accomplices.”

He said the state has successfully restored peace and order having established a special task force.

“We are committed to bring about sustainable peace and stability in our state and the country,” he said.

Born in Bichena Town, the former Police Commissioner of the Region holds a BA in computer science and a second degree in organizational management.

Temesgen replaced Ambachew Mekonnen, who was killed in a failed coup in the region on July 22, 2019.

The violent attempt to seize power by a rogue state militia also claimed the lives of three other top officials.

Amhara Democratic Party controls the Amhara regional government and is also one of four in Abiy’s national governing coalition EPRDF.

Meanwhile, the Council, during its four-day long session, is expected to approve the regional state’s budget for the 2012 Ethiopian fiscal year.

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