PM Holds Talks with French Finance Minister

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has held talks with the visiting French Economy and Finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, at his office today.

The two officials “discussed the continued strengthening of economic cooperation” between Ethiopia and France, said the office of the Prime Minister.

Le Maire’s one-day long visit to Addis Abeba was aimed at assessing the progress of the cooperation projects initiated during President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Ethiopia in March 2019.

During Macron’s visit, Ethiopia and France agreed their first military cooperation accord which involves helping Ethiopia, a landlocked nation, build a navy.

The accord also provides for air cooperation, joint operations and opportunities for training and equipment purchases.

During his meeting with PM Abiy, Le Maire conveyed France’s appreciation of steps being taken by the Ethiopian government.

He particularly mentioned the increase in competitiveness and business conduciveness and confirmed Ethiopia as an investment destination for France, according to the prime minister’s office.

The two ended their meeting by planting seedlings. Minister Le Maire is expected to leave Addis Abeba for Nairobi on Tuesday, July 23.

(Photo PM Office)

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