Ministry of Science and higher institutions has given the warning to Medical Interns on Strike on Monday

Ministry Warns Medical Interns on Strike

By Sisay Sahlu

ADDIS ABEBA – Ministry has warned medical interns who are on strike to return to their universities and colleges and start attending classes – or there could be consequences.

The warning came after medical interns, students, and professionals stage protests in multiple cities and university campuses.

They were asking for better treatment including reducing their working hours, salaries, and job safety, among others.

That has forced government officials including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to hold discussions with the practitioners and students on ways to resolve their issues.

But several students remained unsatisfied with the outcome of the discussion and are missing their classes in protest.

Afewerk Kasu (Prof), state minister of Science and Higher Education, told reporters that the government is doing what is best for all and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

“Most students and interns have restarted their classes, as a result,” said Afewerk, state minister of Science and Higher Education, in a press briefing late Monday.

Afework, however, said there are a tangible number of students who remained out of class.

Students are given until Tuesday to restart their classes or else there could be consequences.

“Universities will now take measures based on the rules and the regulation of their senates on students who continue to strike and miss classes,” said Afewerk.

Science and higher education ministry have already established a task force comprised of university and college directors and other government officials to deal with issues raised during the students’ discussion with PM.

Members of the task force are in discussions in four-day Bishoftu Town to recommend possible solutions on four major areas in accordance with the existing directives and policy frameworks, said Afewerk.

The issues are internship load and code of conduct, medical and health science quality policy, payment on night duty plus safety issues and university hospital administration problems, he added.

The task force is expected to come up with a set of recommendations within a week and help the ministry’s effort to respond to interns demands’ swiftly.