Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Forms Board of Directors

ADDIS ABEBA – The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) has formed a Board of Directors comprising of 11 persons drawn from the Ethiopian Diaspora, Civil Society, and government.

The board of Directors is the apex governance body that will provide overall leadership and set the strategic direction, policy, oversight, and accountability of the Fund, according to the office of the Prime Minister.

It will, among others, review and approve EDTF financed projects that are identified and vetted by the EDTF Secretariat.

The newly-formed board will be comprised of eleven persons.

Of these, five members are Ethiopian Diaspora from different parts of the globe recommended by the EDTF Advisory Council.

These are:

  1. Sirgut Yadeta, Editorial Lead at UK’s Lloyds Bank Group representing diaspora in Europe;
  2. Dr. Mehret Mandefro, Founder and President of Truth Aid and Executive Producer of Kana Television representing diaspora in North America;
  3. Chernet Debele, Founder and General Manager of Kia Travel & Business LLC, Maryland, USA, representing diaspora in North America;
  4. Yohannes Asefa, Director of Agriculture & Agribusiness, Kenya-based USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub, representing diaspora in Africa; and
  5. Dr. Abdulwehab Ibrahim, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Engineering, UAE’s Technology and Science, representing diaspora in the Middle East

The other six spots are reserved for members of the Civil Society representing women, youth and the public as well as the government.

These include Sister Zebider Zewdie, Founder and Executive Director of Mary Joy Ethiopia, representing women; the representative of Youth to be reviewed and appointed by the Board and Mr. EyesusWork Zafu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of United Bank, representing the Ethiopian public;

The government will be represented by Selamawit Dawit, Director General of Ethiopian Diaspora Agency; state minister of foreign affairs Hirut Zemene and Bilen Mamo, Advisor at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation.

The Board is expected to elect its Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson as well as relevant committee members required to discharge its duties soon.

The EDTF is a non-profit organization established to mobilize the global Diaspora community to raise funds for vital social-economic projects in Ethiopia. It has so far raised 2.6 million USD to support development projects in Ethiopia.

By Staff Writer