Ethiopia’s Coffee Export Generates $209.5mln in May

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s coffee export generated more than 209.5 million US dollars in the month of May, putting the sector on track for record high annual revenue.

The performance results from the growing volume of coffee shipped to the international market.

During the eleventh month of the 2023/24 fiscal year alone, Ethiopia exported a little over 43,481 tons of coffee, obtaining $209.54 million.

“This is significantly higher as compared to similar months of the previous two years,” the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) said in a statement today.

Per ECTA, the export trade also achieved the targets the Authority set for the month of May both in terms of the volume and value by 105% and 107%, respectively.

The growing performance of the sector has been attributed to a new market option that has eliminated unnecessary steps in the supply chain.

So far, the coffee industry shipped over 252,466 tons of beans to the global market, generating $1.208 billion after.

This put the nation on track to achieve its highest ever annual revenue of the coffee export in this fiscal year ending in june.

The current record – $1.4 billion – was set two years ago during which the nation shipped 299,340 tons of coffee to the global market.

The possibility of improving the record is very high, ECTA’s director General Adugna Debela noted in the statement, adding the key is to keep on working hard together with main players in the sector for the remainder of the year.

Ethiopia, which is known as the origin of Arabica coffee, is the fifth-largest coffee producer and exporter in the world.