Huawei, Ministry Extend Agreement to Open More ICT Academies

ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Huawei, a global provider of telecom infrastructure and smart devices, have signed an agreement aimed at talent cultivation for the development of the ICT industry, and the nurturing of highly skilled labor.

The agreement incorporates the training of ICT students, holding an ICT competition, and involving students in online learning & certification programs, according to Huawei.

During the MOU signing event, State Minister Dr. Mulu Negaindicated that “The Huawei ICT academy is a great initiative to develop the ICT talent ecosystem and close the skill gap within the industry. We would like to strengthen our relation with Huawei.”

The program includes training and certification of 500 students through ICT Academies within one year. Students can choose online & offline courses such as Routing and Switching, Security, Storage, AI, and so on.

The two parties agreed to work on the Huawei ICT Competition expected to bring 1,000 students from 39 universities to compete for the national prize.

The winner of the national prize will have the chance to represent their country in May 2022, at the global final.
For the students who are just embarking on their studies at universities, through Huawei’s flagship CSR program called Seeds for the Future, at least 40 students will attend the online study program this year.

The pact inked on Tuesday will also facilitate a job fair called ICT Handshaking Forum which will benefit more than 400 newly graduated graduates.

Bruce Meng, Vice president of Huawei Northern Africa EBG, said it is for the second time that the agreement has been extended since 2017.

“This year with the support of MOSHE, we will expand our ICT Academy to TVET colleges. We look forward to seeing more instructors and students get trained and certified,” he said.

Last week, Huawei inaugurated the first Huawei ICT practice center in Addis Ababa University with a cost of 2.1 million USD.