Ministers Endorse Ethiopia’s BRICS Plus Engagement Strategy

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s BRICS Plus Engagement Strategy has been endorsed during a ministerial meeting on Thursday.

The BRICS Plus Ministerial Steering Committee held its second meeting on Thursday to assess and provide guidance on the country’s participation in the BRICS activities.

Ethiopia’s BRICS Plus Sherpa Mamo Mihretu underscored his country’s active engagement in the bloc’s activities and economic and social benefits for national development goals and the strengthening of multilateralism.

Mamo, who is also governor of the central bank, chaired the meeting that deliberated on and endorsed the draft BRICS Plus Engagement Strategy,

The strategy, authorities say, aims to facilitate the smooth integration of Ethiopia into the BRICS Plus.

The committee also endorsed BRICS Plus memorandums of understanding and declaration by Ethiopia.

The East African nation has formally become a member of the BRICS Plus economic alliance starting Jan 1, 2024.

The Membership fosters people-to-people ties and diversifies partnerships for economic to social cooperation and technological advancement and deepens multilateral ties, authorities say.