Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in Vienna on Monday afternoon.

Ethiopia, Austria Seek Increased Economic Relations

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held talks with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer over enhancing bilateral economic cooperation.

Prime Minister Abiy went to Vienna for the General Conference of the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

Austrian Chancellor Nehammer received Abiy and his delegation on Monday afternoon. The two sides “exchanged views on Ethio-Austria relations, development cooperation, and potential areas for strengthened” partnership.

Prime Minister Abiy said his discussion with Chancellor Nehammer was “fruitful”.

“We aim to build on our existing relations gearing partnerships towards economic cooperation,” he added.

In his message written on X, Chancellor Nehammer also stated Austria’s long-standing partnership with Ethiopia, “together, we want to strengthen this cooperation”.

Agriculture, mining, and tourism were some of the areas the two sides explored for cooperation.

Abiy shared his admin’s economic reforms with UNIDO GC

The 20th session of the UNIDO General Conference kicked off today under the theme of “Fair Globalization: Innovative Solutions for the Industry of Tomorrow”.

High-level speakers included PM Abiy, who shared the scope and extent of Ethiopia’s multi-sector growth-focused reforms, including policy shift

“We are an entrepreneurial State that recognizes the private sector as an engine of growth,” he said.

The Prime Minister has also called for inclusive and sustainable industrialization. “By pursuing inclusive and sustainable industrialization and diversifying our economy, we can create prosperity, reduce inequality, and contribute to a better future for our people and the world,” he said.

The General Conference will continue until Friday. Abiy, however, left Vienna for Prague for an official state visit to the Czech Republic.