Addis Ababa set to Host 2023 African Economic Conference

ADDIS ABABA – The stage is now set for the 2023 African Economic Conference to discuss emerging economic challenges and opportunities.

The annual event is jointly organized by the African Development Bank, the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

This year, the largest research and economic gathering on the continent will be held from November 16-18 in a hybrid format.

Addis Ababa will host the in-person discussions that will focus on “Imperatives for Sustainable Industrial Development in Africa”.

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the inadequacies of African industries and the continent’s dependence on foreign manufacturers, particularly, for medical supplies.

The disruption of the global supply chain during the pandemic also highlighted Africa’s weak integration into global value chains.

The ECA says the Conference will provide a platform for established academics and young researchers to present their solution-oriented research to decision-makers.

African ministers, UN, development, and private sector representatives will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for Africa to boost green and sustainable industrialization, says the co-host.