The hall of Ethiopian parliament in Addis Ababa

Joint Session of Ethiopian Parliament Set for Monday

ADDIS ABABA -The Lower and the upper houses of the Ethiopian parliament are set to hold their first joint session of the year on Monday.

Members of Ethiopia’s House of Peoples’ Representatives and the House of the Federation will return to the capital from a month-long recess.

The MPs officially begin their parliamentary duties with a joint session on Monday of the final week of the Ethiopian month of Meskerem, per the EFDR Constitution.

The House of Peoples’ Representatives has announced today that the joint session for the 2016 Ethiopian calendar will be held on Oct 9.

President Sahlework Zewde is expected to make the opening speech that declares the start of the parliamentary sessions.

Her speech – which will be televised nationally – will disclose major activities that the government plans to carry out in the year,

Addis Ababa-based foreign ambassadors, diplomats, members of the opposition parties, invited guests will attend the joint parliamentary session, the statement reads.