Trade Ministry Adjusts Fuel Tariffs 

ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTI) has adjusted the prices of fuel for the second time in two consecutive months.

The previous adjustment, prompted by the surge in the global crude oil and naphtha market, saw a 7% average jump in fuel prices in the country.

In a statement today, the trade ministry says the international fuel market has continued its upward trend in the past month, making the latest tariff adjustment necessary.

The government will, however, continue to subsidize 50% of the price increase margin in the global market to ease its impact on the general public, the ministry says.

White Diesel and Kerosene will all see a relatively higher surge in their retail prices in October. Accordingly, the retail prices of white diesel and Kerosene will respectively be increased by 3.41 to 79.75 Birr a liter.

Benzene will be sold at 77.65 birr a liter, up by 2.8 birr from this month, while the retail price of jet fuel will rise by 2.25 Birr to 70.83 birr a liter.

Light and heavy fuel oil will be sold at the new price of 62.36 Birr and 61.16 Birr a liter, respectively. 

The latest retail fuel prices will be effective for the next 30 days on midnight Friday, September 29, 2023.

The newly revised retail fuel prices list:

  • Benzene – 77.65 birr  a liter
  • White Diesel – 79.75 Birr a liter
  • Kerosene – 79.75 Birr a liter
  • Light black diesel – 62.36 Birr a liter
  • Hard black diesel – 61.16 Birr a liter
  • Jet fuel – 70.83 Birr a liter

The previous fuel prices list:

  • Benzene – 74.85 birr  a liter
  • White Diesel – 76.34 Birr a liter
  • Kerosene – 76.34 Birr a liter
  • Light black diesel – 62.22 Birr a liter
  • Hard black diesel – 61.07 Birr a liter
  • Jet fuel – 68.58 Birr a liter