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Saudia Airlines Ranked Top 33 Most Punctual Airline Globally

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Saudia, the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, has been named among the top, most punctual airlines in the world.

Saudia was ranked third in the Global Airlines category by the influential air transport rating agency Cirium.

According to Cirium’s latest ON Time Performance (OTP) results, SAUDIA operated a total of 14,867 flights, with an impressive On-Time arrival rate of 83.76%.

This means that the vast majority of SAUDIA’s flights arrived at their destinations as scheduled, minimizing any inconvenience or disruption for passengers.

“This is a significant achievement, as it reflects SAUDIA’s commitment to providing a reliable and efficient service to its passengers,” the airline noted in a statement acknowledging the significant ranking.

The report also says Saudia achieved a completion factor of 99.67%, an indicator that it successfully operated almost all of its scheduled flights.

This is an important metric for airlines, as it reflects their ability to manage flight schedules efficiently and ensure that passengers arrive at their destinations on time.

Additionally, data shows that 98.86% of all flights operated by SAUDIA Airlines in August, were successfully tracked, an indication of the massive investments in technology and procedures that the airline has made to ensure smooth operation and safety of its flights

First quarter Statistics:

During Q1 2023, SAUDIA’s aircraft flew over 42,000 flights across four continents, representing a 5% increase, which accumulated to over 127,500 flight hours, and a 26% increase from last year.

Internationally, the airline operated over 18,300 flights with an increase of 40% and recorded 87,300 flight hours with an increase of 55.2%.

During that same period, Saudia operated 23,600 domestic flights across a total of 40,100 flying hours.