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Trio Team up to Promote STEM Education in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Airlines, in partnership with Boeing and ThinkYoung, announced the conclusion of its STEM School project, a six-week program that equipped students and teachers with digital skills necessary for better job opportunities.

The program was designed to increase the participation of underserved African youth and women in STEM fields.

The STEM School project brought students in grades 11-12 in grades from different regions for the 40-day-long extensive training and real-world insights.

The students benefited from hands-on training in various STEM subjects including coding, programming and soft skills such as teamwork.

Simultaneously, the STEM school also offered 24 teachers specialized training to enhance their skills to provide engaging STEM-focused activities in their classrooms.

Director of ThinkYoung Africa, Delila Kidanu said the think tank was “honored to join forces with Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines in introducing our transformative six-week STEM School program”.

The collaborative initiative’s primary objective was to foster students graduating from secondary school to pursue their higher education in STEM fields with a focus on aviation.

“Together, we want to create a lasting impact on the lives of Ethiopians, empowering them with the essential education and skills needed to not only adapt but thrive in the ever-evolving digital future,” Delila said.

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