Amane Beriso has won the Women's Marathon gold in Budapest

Amane Beriso: Great to keep the World Marathon title in Ethiopia’s hands

Amane Beriso has won the Women’s Marathon gold in Budapest to ensure back-to-back women’s marathon titles for Ethiopia at the World Athletics Championships.

Gotytom Gebreslase, the winner in Eugene 13 months ago, is again on the podium with the second finish, bringing silver in Budapest.

“It’s great to keep the title in Ethiopia’s hands,” the newly crowned world champion Amane told reporters after her win.

All four Ethiopian contenders have made their own impact in a tactical battle that culminated in an exciting finish in sweltering conditions.

“We knew if we worked together we could get a better result, and we worked well as a team today,” Amane said.

Gotytom and Amane, along with Yalemzerf Yehualaw and Tsehay Gemechu, formed a strong-four for most of the race.

The leading pack of about 20 runners broke away from the rest at the 15km mark with Uganda’s Rebecca Cheptegei in front. The group was whittled down to nine comprising the East Africans and Kenyan-born Israeli Lonah Salpeter, crossing the 30km mark in 1:44:27.

But it was the Ethiopian quartet that made a decisive break at the 33km marker. Shortly after, Tsehay ended her race holding her waist in obvious discomfort.

The rest went on together – which made a second all-Ethiopian podium possible – until the hot condition took its toll on Yalemzerf.

Beriso’s final burst with about 7km to go helped her clinch gold in her first championship race. The defending champion Gotytom took second place 11 seconds later.

Yalemzerf, however, was passed by Morocco’s Fatima Gardadi, who claimed bronze in 2:25.17, and Salpeter who took fourth place in 2:25.38.

The Ethiopian, visibly in discomfort, held on to make it over the line in 2:26:13, finishing fifth. Her teammates halted their celebrations and ran to support her before she was taken into the care of medical staff.

Gotytom: “Proud we are keeping the title”

Amane said the team expected the weather condition “to be tough”, eventually affecting their push to claim all the three medals. “We took gold and silver and we are happy with that,” she said.

The defending champion Gotytom was also proud that her team achieved its goal coming to Budapest.

“The main goal was to bring home the gold. I am proud we are keeping the title,” she said. “I am also proud of Amane Briso, and personally I am really amazed I have won another medal at the world championships.”