Artist Abnet Dagim
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Artist Abnet Dagim Passes Away

ADDIS ABABA – Artist Abnet Dagim, known for his acting performances in the Ethiopian theater industry, has passed away.

His death was first announced on the Fanabc website on Wednesday afternoon.

Artist Abnet died following a long treatment for an undisclosed illness on Wednesday, the report says.

Abinet is known for his outstanding performances in many Amharic theaters as well as films and television drama series. He is particularly known for his acting roles in Alula Aba Nega, Ayasikem, Dagnew, Esregnaw Nigus, and other theaters.

Abinet also featured in many films including Banchi Yemeta, Sebategna, Lambadina, Atishegnwatim Wey, Kulfun Sichign, and Melegnaw.

He also wrote a TV series entitled Ye’Kibiblosh, and had acting credits in several others including Tirita, Senk, Meleket, and others.