Addis Ababa Education Bureau Director Dr Zelalem Mulatu speaking with a Grade student ahead of the 6th Grade exam administered in June

Bureau: Grade 6th Exam Results Encouraging after 80.2% of Students Pass

ADDIS ABABA – A top Addis Ababa Education Bureau Official says students’ performance in the Grade 6th exam was encouraging and tells International schools in the capital to start implementing the national education system.

The citywide exam on the third and fourth of July this year for the first time since 1997 following the Ministry of Education’s decision to bring back the 6-2-4 system.

The exam serves as the first cycle of assessment in the education system and it is followed by Grade 8 and Grade 12 national exams.

In Addis Ababa, close to 74,000 students from both regular and night school programs took the six-grade exam, which now serves as the first cycle of assessment in the national education curriculum.

The results, announced on Tuesday, show that 80.2% of the examinees managed to score 50% and more, passing to junior high. Those in the regular program fared relatively well with 56, 842 (83.6 %) of the total 67,939 students getting 50% and above mark.

Three students earned the highest mark – 99% – while 477 others scored 95% and above. At least 104 schools saw all their students pass to junior high, Dr. Zelalem Mulatu, according to the city’s education bureau.

The Bureau’s Director Dr Zelalem Mulatu said the citywide exam was given after various preparatory works based on the new national education system.

The efforts ranging from offering model tests to better exam preparation and administration actively involving teachers and officials in the sector helped the students to record encouraging results, Dr Zelalem added.

Ultimatum for Intl Schools

The reintroduction of the 6-2-4 education system three years ago scrapped the previous 8-year-long primary schooling and grade 10th national exam.

The international schools have to decide on implementing the curriculum starting from the new 2023/24 Ethiopian academic year.

Or else students in these schools will not be sitting in not only the grade 6th but also the other grade 6 and Grade 12 National Exams this year, the education bureau warns.

Families are also advised to take this into consideration when they register their students for the next academic year, per the bureau.