The 2023 Graduating class of Wachamo University

More than 25 Public Universities Celebrate their 2023 Graduating Classes

ADDIS ABABA – More than 25 public universities hosted commencement ceremonies for their graduating classes of 2023 on Thursday.

The ceremonies saw more than 70,000 students graduate with Bachelor, MAs, and PhD degrees at their respective universities.

The ceremony, packed with a small group of 283 graduates, was hosted by one of the youngest public universities – Oda Bultum.

Ethiopia’s oldest higher institution Addis Ababa University meanwhile celebrated the highest number of graduates of the day – 8,829. President Sahle-work served as Commencement keynote speaker.

The president advised this year’s graduates to leave their mark on the country’s economy through entrepreneurship.

You are expected to create your jobs, in pairs or in groups or joining the private sector,” she said. The government will provide the necessary support.

The entire first-degree graduates this year had to take exit exams, which saw 48 public universities 62.37% of their 84,600 prospective graduates pass the test.

The Ministry of Education congratulated them for successfully passing the exit exam given at the national level.

Thursday’s graduates by numbers

Jinka University – 501 graduates
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University – 1,236 graduates
Hawassa University – 7,500 graduates
Dilla University – 1,829 graduates
Werabe University – 715 graduates
AAU – 8,868 graduates
Ambo University – 4,036 graduates
Debre Birhan University – 2,143 graduates
Jimma University – 2,128 graduates
Metu University – 644 graduates

Mizan Tepi University – 1,200 graduates
Wachemo University – 2,200 graduates
Bule Hora University – 1,299 graduates
Madawalabu University – 4,017 graduates
Woldia University – 1,376 graduates
Jigjiga University – 1,090 graduates
Oda Bultum University – 283 graduates
Injibara University – 750 graduates
Debre Markos University – 2,077 graduates
Arba Minch University – 1,457 graduates
Wollega University – 1,347 graduates
Semera University – 1,309 graduates
Kebri Dehar University – 885 graduates
Wolkite University – 1,190 graduates
Selale University – 855 graduates
Wolaita Sodo University – 1,129 graduates