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Flash Flood Alert Issued for Central Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Igad’s Climate Centre has issued an alert for isolated flash floods in central and northern Ethiopia over the next seven days.

In its “extreme rainfall forecast”, the center also predicted the possibility of isolated flash floods in the cross-border areas of Sudan and South Sudan.

Its weekly forecast says heavy to very heavy rainfall (top 10%-5%) is expected in much of central Ethiopia, northern and isolated areas in South Sudan, and western and isolated areas of southern Sudan.

“The rapid accumulation of water in specific areas can trigger flash floods,” the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) warned.

As such, the Center advised the Igad member states to stay vigilant and prepare essential supplies in case of power outages or the need for evacuation.

The Center also forecasted heavy rainfall (greater than 200) over isolated parts of western Ethiopia.

Rest of the country, moderate rainfall (50-200mm) is expected over western and northern Ethiopia, while parts of central and eastern Ethiopia will receive light rainfall (less than 50 mm).

ICPAC is a Climate Center accredited by the World Meteorological Organization that provides Climate Services to 11 East African Countries.